Thursday, July 19, 2007

Beautiful Barbados

I have so many photos that I'd like to upload, but it would just be a total bore. We were away from July 4 - 16th. The boys surfed every day but one and Dereck had all the wind he could want. He ended up kiting in the afternoon when the sun was best for photography. It always ended at a friend's house close to the beach for a shower, beer and some ole' talk........ then leave. What a life!

The most beautiful place to kite. Talk about faking it! Not enough water to have a satisfying kite, but worth it for great shots. Long Pond at Foster's Fun Land. Trust me they are right by calling it a pond.

One afternoon at Long Beach.

At Bathsheba, holding a tame monkey called Coco. Photo taken by Gary Foster.
These photos were taken at The Animal Flower Caves in St. Lucy. Very northern point of Barbados.

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