Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have been told that I am not allowed to take a blogging break. So here is the latest bit of news that came our way.

Tyler came home on Monday announcing that he had been chosen to be on the SAFETY PATROL team. Woo hoo!!! Big accomplishment. The requirements for this was to have good grades all year long without any areas of concern in academics or behavior. My boy has come a long way as I can assure you he has quite a handsome collection of pound signs (pound sign is #) which indicate on the report cards areas of concern. They ranged from comprehension to behavior. He has worked hard to keep his record clean this year and the hard work has paid off! I am so proud of him.
Now, being a safety patrol has its requirements. He has to be able to keep the standard for the whole of next year in addition to being punctual. OK, the punctuality part is my responsibility. Getting up early to drop him off to school so he can resume his position. I think they need to send me a safety patrol belt too! LOL
Here is Tyler with his safety patrol belt on. He got it today.