Saturday, June 9, 2007

Capoeira and Maculele

Contra Mestre Mangueira

Kane hasn't been going to capoeira recently. In fact he hasn't gone in over 2 years. I miss him doing it as he is really good at it. He first started when he was just 6 years old and quickly absorbed everything he learned and not only did he enjoy capoeira, he felt it. One could see the electricity of capoeira running through this child. It was mind blowing. You can tell I'm a very proud mother. Can you blame me? When we decided to move, selling our house and buying a new and bigger one a hour away, he had to stop capoeira. Homework got in the way and the long drive wasn't really working out for us. Last summer, we wanted to have him attend, but his instructor (seen in the photographs) broke his leg and was out of commission for months. It's a new year and a new summer and yesterday, I decided it was time to get Kane back into the capoeira groove. Yay!
Today, he is sore, but he's going back. He is now attending the adult classes and they work you hard. If he thinks he's in pain today.......... wait till tomorrow!!! LOL!!! By the end of the week, I think I will see that electricity back in him. He will be breathing it, living it and loving it once more. It doesn't take very long....

Although he is attending capoiera classes once more, in these photos, Kane is learning the maculele. A dance performed to music using sticks. Although a lot of the male students don't care for it, it is still a big part of the Brazilian capoeira culture.
You can read more about maculele here.

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Margie @ Smiles Forever Photo said...

GREAT Shots Mom and BE PROUD!! That is what make you WHO you are!! M